About Me

Hey! Hello! Hi!
Oi! Listen Up!
Here's how Infusapalooza began....

How far back should I take this? Let's go right to the beginning!
Whilst studying Alcohol at University...yes, it's true, it's a real life qualification, and this Infusiast scored a first, so I can't be half bad at drinking!
If anyone wants to get all technical, the degree is a BA (Hons) Licensed Retail & Hospitality Management, and my favourite lesson featured a table full of food, and six different glasses of wine, with the task of the day being learning to pair food with wine.....I miss those days!!
Having spent many years serving behind bars during my years at uni, and then taking myself away to do it for a year in Atlanta, GA, I'd like to think I know some good basics to making great drinks, and having fun discovering new flavours.
Having that year in the US opened my eyes to so many drinking choices, and staying in touch with friends and colleagues gives me a daily reminder of what I'm missing out on by living and drinking in the UK. Don't get me wrong, we have some amazing products and unbelievable talent shaking up our glorious concoctions, but..............we don't have Cake flavoured vodka at our stores!!
So it was March 2013, and it's my birthday, so of course I want a Birthday Cake Martini!
After searching high and low, and refusing to pay £50 on import taxes for an $11 bottle!
I decided to take action myself, and began infusing spirits with my own choice of flavours.
I wanted to throw a cocktail party with all of the infusions, and after inviting friends and family round to sample the goods, they all insisted I began sharing my hobby with the world in the form of a blog.
First things first, I needed a name to hide behind, and after thinking long and hard, I wanted a name that incorporated the fun of infusing, infusing the party, bringing the party (or "palooza" some might say) to my infusions, and very quickly.....Infusapalooza was born!
The more time you spend with me, you'll realise that this is my passion, my dreams, my humble opinions, I'm not always right, and by entering this world, I've realised there are so many more people out there who are a million times better at mixing drinks, and having great tasting skills, but everyday, I'm learning from the likes of Drinks Enthusiast, Gin-Fuelled Stocking
 and Rum Blog Diaries. If you haven't already, be sure to check these guys out, we're all quite different in our own little way, but one thing is for sure........we all love a great drink, and as you're here reading this......the chances are, you do too!

I love this blog, it's opened my eyes to so many wonderful events, introduced me to some amazing people, and allowed me to have an excuse for sampling so many different drinks and new products!

Whether you're an avid follower of my journey, or just swinging by to pass the time, pull up a pew and grab a drink to join in the party!